#2 – Winners Never Bother About Getting Even

Don’t get greedy while getting even

poker prizeWhen you are playing poker by good decision making, you will concentrate on a big picture rather than trying to go behind an unnecessary and meaningless objectives. So, you should not look at the overall wins that you have had and instead concentrate on how to improve your profits in the game.

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Suppose you are playing a game and won $15,000, then lost $3000 and then again lost $1000 you still have won $11,000 despite having just one win and two losses.

This is still a better scenario than winning $2,500 and then $1000 followed by another win of $3000 despite having three wins continuously, you just have managed to rake in $6500 in comparison to the $11,000 in the previous example. So, what matters most is not the number of wins but good decision making to help you rake in a better profit.