How to read opponent’s mind in poker

Let me teach you how to guess the opponent’s next move

poker playersMany poker players think that if they can understand what their opponents are holding then poker would surely become easier for them. In that case the tricks and strategies the players use to win poker will not hold any such importance then.

Today strategy is very important and the players spend a lot of time to learn various strategies and playing styles. But unfortunately this is not possible to know the cards.

One needs to have some kind of psychic power to know his opponent’s cards and strategies. You can guess the cards in your opponents’ hands. But if you just be aware of a few things you can correctly guess what your opponent is holding and what they are going to play next.

No Player can simply read your mind or cards

If you feel that your opponent can read you cards then this is not any trick or luck.

This is skill and presence of mind.

poker handsIf you like to play online casino blackjack Canada, one will then understands the game better and that is why he can understand what the possible cards in your hand are. There is also the probability factor because you can never be absolutely sure about your opponent’s hands. You can study the psychology of your opponents and guess their hands.

In case you got a great hand and you must call or bet. But suddenly one of your opponents raises you. This is unexpected to you but if you think deeply you can find the game plan behind this. This is not luck maybe your opponent was reading your psychology and guessed your cards.

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The loose and the Tight hands…

Double Double Bonus PokerYou can study your opponent too. You can understand whether they are playing loose or tight. If they are playing around only around 1 out of those 9 hands then he is playing tight. In case of loose playing one will play nearly 4 of every 9 hands. If you feel that your opponent is playing too tight then there is a chance for strong flush opportunity.

This is simple calculation of probability. The more you play poker these strategies will become clear to you. They will flush because J-Ad is still out and you are holding 4d. You just need to off fold in that situation. Sometimes the situation can be different.

Deuces Wild PokerYou may find somebody who is playing mediocre with below average cards then you can see the scenario a bit differently. You need to think according the situation. You can assume that the player will surely repeat his mistake and will bet with his mediocre cards again. A weak player usually does not consider the chances of flush and you can assume that the person is betting and raising while he is holding only a couple of pair may be.

Now if you have used poker psychology correctly and guessed that the person will raise in spite of having a good chance of flush he will raise. It means your observation is right and you can correctly read the person’s mind. If you can continue doing so there is huge chance for you to play poker online and win the game.