Poker Glossary

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To get a bluff called by other player just to encourage the opponents to call at a later stage.

  • Bonus

A fixed amount decided by the house rules which is paid by every player to the player who has a very high-value hand like a straight flush (Premium, Royalty, Penalties).

  • Cold Call

When a player places a bet, the opponent raises the bet, and another player calls on the two bets, this is known as cold call.

  • Double Barreled Shotgun

A High-low draw poker that has four rounds of betting after the draw when every card is placed face-up (Texas Tech)

  • End Strippers

Cards that are tapered at the ends for the purpose of cheating.

  • Farm System

Various poker games with different stakes which are under the control of a good player.

  • Gambling

To bet money at bad investment and edgy odds

  • Hot Pot

A pot which is special, and is generally played for stakes that are higher (Pistol Stud).

  • Isolate

To raise a hand with the purpose of thinning out the field to just one opponent

  • Looking Down One’s Throat

Having a very strong hand against a player.

  • Milking the Game

The process of slowly draining the money from a game by conservative player

  • Nut

The winnings which need to last as a player who is professional

  • Open Blind and Straddle

An opening bet which is forced and is followed by again by a forced raise in play poker online.

  • Play the Board

A player is playing the board in flop cards if his best five cards use the five cards placed on the board

  • Provider

A provider (or Fish) would be a player in a poker game who would make the game very profitable for all the other players playing at the table

  • Roll Your Own Baseball

Similar to baseball, but one out of the three original hole cards has to be turned up, and the low hole card and the other cards like it are wild.

  • Rough

The lowball hand of the highest order in a given value, like seven, six, five, four, three.

  • Showdown

(1) The process showing of players’ cards when a hand ends. (2) An open hand which is played for a fixed amount.

  •  Super Seven

Card Stud – A game of poker which starts with five cards given to every player, then after discarding two cards, the game would proceed like a seven-card stud game

  • Time Game

A game where players have to pay the house, casino, or club a predetermined amount every hour or half hour for getting privileges.

  • Two Way Hand

A hand that has the possibility of winning both the high hand as well as the low hand in a split-pot game

  • Up the Creek

A game where the split-whiskered kings cards are wild.

  • World Series of Poker

A Hold’em Poker tournament where there is a $10,000 buy-in organized every May at Las Vegas in Binion’s Horseshoe Casino