Decision Making – Guess One Situation

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hand with poker chipsNow that you are in a position to place a bet which is 3 times more than the big blind. There is a person following you in a “Flop” position. Then this will lead to a “Rainbow” structure. Though you are having strong A-K, you can remain with your ‘Concrete’ base after the first person makes a quick call. But still you have some “mercy” or in nervous about playing another turn.

May be you can assume that he is on a ‘Draw’. But you can’t able to specify clear cut, which type ‘Draw’ now he is on?. There is no possibilities Come into view indistinctly, but it may give a view to assume that, there is two more horrible “face to face” Draw’s can be happen. At this time the person who is in other hand have enough time to think and place bed.

Double Double Bonus Video PokerBut your mind will stay on the assumption that, the possibilities of competition card like A-10 or K-10. Here your most required card or ideal card to win is “king”. What you think about, when the dealer take-off the further card in the community round is a “King”?. Surely you will not be in the “calm” situation now. Bloods traveling speed in your vein must increase. Mustn’t it?

Jacks or Better Video PokerSurely you will felled about or get angry about having 2 more persons or two more callers after that flop. After the first person’s check in and second person shuffles his own chip, followed by placement of bed in a pot which is equals to the entire size of the pot, then what will you think?

Now you are cornered to go with some hard decisions, which should be done with in a quick span of time. On your current turn, there is one card. But the most important thing is that one is required for you? Or the ultimate one for your opponent to get awarded? Here you have to think outstanding!